MSK line

New spring- applied multi disc clutches with stationary magnet housing for marine application were developed and delivered.

Torque range: 100 – 16.000 Nm
11 sizes
Release voltage: 200 VDC
Holding voltage: 55 W
High speed
Wet or dry operation
Without slip ring
Quick frequency operation
Low residual torque in open condition
High work capacity
Minimal gear backlash in the discs
Several friction faces

Application areas:
General machinery, cranes, winches

Boeli Windy

In time where new direct drive technologies are presented, Boeli is offering a solution with square-profile-wire coils for claw-pole machines and direct drive generators.

better fill factor (up to 0.91)
improved thermal dissipation
inherently lower risk of turn-to-turn shortages – by design
compactness and
tight tolerances mean
lower assembly costs
no limits in profile wire dimension
tailor made to reach full potential and minimiza cooper loses
special for low voltage machines

Application areas:
Direct drive motors, In-Wheel motors, wind turbine generators

Unique designs are possible. Call us!

Spring-Applied Brakes

Boeli HighTorque Brakes
Boeli range of electromagnetic spring-applied brakes is being expanded with the new series of HighTorque Brakes.
This series has been specifically developed for direct drives applications. We used unique patent applied system to minimize length and weight of the brake, but enlarge torque at the same time; to be able working as a holding or dynamic brake in many different braking systems.

Braking torques from 0.2 – 10.000 Nm
4 Designs: drive, Micrco, Compact, Mega
Tailor-made design
DC voltage: 12, 24, 36, 48, 103 V
Insulation class: F (155°C), possible also H (180°C)
Patent-applied DSE – Double-Side-Effect
Minimized length up to 60 % of standard design available on the market
Minimized weight of the Brake up to 75% of standard design available on the market
Different torques in the same frame
Hand release
Holding or dynamic brake design
Chopper – Energy conservation, 10 kHz: 5 – 90 % UN
Protection IP 20 to IP 66 possible
Fast and simple assembly
Brakes are designed for 100% operating time (current applied to the brake)
No maintenance at all

Application areas:
Direct Drive Motors, In-wheel motors, servo motors, brake motors, cranes, industrial vehicles, escalators, general machinery.

Unique designs are possible. Call us!


MSK Line
Boeli Windy
HighTorque Brakes
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SPS/IPC/Drives Exhibition - Germany,
26.11. – 28.11.2013, Hall 4, Booth 4-120.
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