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Permanent Magnet brakes

Permanent magnet brakes

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Permanent magnet brakes - Electromagnetic Power-Off Brake designed for industrial and mobile applications; are brakes that operate according to the following principles: in current less state a frictionally engaged connection of shafts is created through permanent magnet brakes. When current is applied the magnetic field of the permanent magnet is neutralized by the counteracting magnetic field of the coil. Brake force is produced via NdFeB magnets which reduce both size and weight of brake versus spring applied brakes. Armature is mounted via springs which eliminates backlash. Brakes can be tuned to provide a controlled stop.

Braking torques from 0.2 – 400 Nm
12 sizes
DC release voltage: 24 V
Insulation class: B (130°C), possible also F (155°C)
Compact design
Low-noise operation
No drag torque
Zero Backlash
Controlled stop
High operating speeds
High operating temperatures
Maintenance free
Easy to use

Application areas:
Servo motors, robotics, medical equipment, CNC machines and packaging machines.

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